No One Stays in Eden

Rebrand Strategy, Editorial, Student Project

A publication for The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Growing up in my hometown, I noticed largeshifts in the landscape over the years. Neighborhoods once known to be populated with families, turned into commercial opportunities: malls, art districts, etc. Families were and continue to be pushed out of their homes. This led  to the idea of home being an important theme for the book–that all people of the United States, deserve a decent place to live.


Select a large public entity that currently has negative public optic. Create an editorial publication that shines a light and aims to change the public opinion of the entity.
WHY ︎

The concept of home is essentail to the publication–that all people of the United States, deserve a decent place to live. Taking a step further, and exploring the idea of the American Dream, I questioned what the phrase means to citizens, non-citizens, immigrants, children, adults, anyone. No One Stays in Eden explores the idea of the American Dream with a focus on housing  for immigrants in America and underlying spatial racism.

The goal was to rebrand HUD to establish trust with the people again. That no one should be afraid to seek help from HUD, that HUD is working on eliminating allracial bias and immigrant bias, by providing equal housing opportunities. The book features two essays on the American Dream, statistics, individual handwritten notes, film stills, a photo essay, and case studies on spatial racism as well as successful public housing around the globe.

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