Rebrand Strategy, Editorial, Student Project

Kanopy is a digital streaming platform with high quality films that do more than just entertain. They inspire, enrich, and challenge our perspectives. The goal is to offer a platform that emphasizes accessibility and public impact through the film medium.


Kanopy is currently free for patrons at Kanopy affiliated libraries and universities. However, as Kanopy’s popularity grows, libraries have been forced to make the decison to drop the platform because the cost is unsustainable. 

Our goal is to emphasis Kanopy as an essential tool for education. To incentivize libraries and universities to keep it. 

Kanopy has the potential to resurface back into the film streaming market because of its potential as a brand and its foundation for why it exists.


The redesigned logo was inspired by community; that without each of these three forms existing together, the mark would not be able to support itself. Kanopy’s mission is to emphasis that without eachother, we cannot sustain the arts.

Current Logo ︎
Redesigned Logo ︎


This video introduces Kanopy by highlighting the many genres it has in its extensive library. Films that range from gender studies to politics to classics. Kanopy has all the most influencial filmmakers in its collection as well as films that will educate, inspire, and enrich it’s viewer. 


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