“We are, with others in society,
        witnesses to and participants in the consumption of cultural artifacts and, therefore,
 share in the moments of seduction and repulsion that these artifacts generate.” [1]


         I thrive when I create within the space of being fearless and fearful...
I adapt quickly, ask questions, and search for insight. Every project allows me to learn something new and carry that with me onwards. We all hold a responsibility for what we release into the world. For me, it’s a project, a message, a feeling, that can resonate with someone, somewhere.

        I am Sarah Armakan, a graphic designer currently in Los Angeles recieving a BFA in graphic design, with a passion for print, branding, and transmedia.

Let’s create–send a hello. ︎
Full résumé avaliable upon request.

ArtCenter College of Design, 2021
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Graphic Design Major
Pasadena, California
Manual Creative
Design Intern, 2020
San Fransisco, California

Cedars Sinai LGBTQ+ HPV Vaccine Awareness Research Campaign
Artcenter College of Design, 2020 
Pasadena, California

Lemon Yellow
Design Intern and Freelance, 2019
Miami, Florida